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Honey – BD Ranch & Apiary.  At any time, members can request that a jar of local honey be added to their basket – no commitment is necessary, just let us know when you’re running low!  Our local “bee guy” keeps us stocked with hives throughout the year, ensuring that we have enough pollinators around to do the heavy lifting.  We’re happy to be able to offer his honey (some from the pollen of our fruit trees!) to our CSA members.

Want Olive Oil, Vinegars, Juices, Coffee, and more local fare?  Check our affiliated local food club!

How do you sign up?
Drop us an email and we'll set you right - the first pickup of the year is Sunday, April 30th!

Towards a Local Food Future…

Food, health, economy, environment – all these things rely on people’s engagement as their foundation.  Join us in taking a step towards creating a more vibrant, vigorous, and vital food community.

*due to seasonal flooding, the CSA has been put on hiatus - We will relaunch on April 30th - See You There!

Create your own Local Food Basket!

Beyond the farm's borders is a community of amazing producers of artisanal foods.  One of our goals here at the farm is to get as many people in our community exposed to, in love with, and ultimately invested in these Makers as possible – to the benefit of all involved. 

In this spirit we offer a ‘Local Food Basket’, where in addition to fresh produce, you can add in even more great local food.  Each ‘add on’ is an extra $7 a week. 

You can add on our fresh pastured raised eggs, some incredible Breads from Andrae’s Bakery, gourmet Cheeses from Fiscalini Cheese Company & Nicolau Farms, and local Honey from BD Ranch & Apiary.  You save 10-25% on each item versus what you would pay at the store, and we create an engaged and committed customer base.  We build our local food network, and you gain a convenient way to get the best of our region!

Eggs – Our own Kingbird Farms flock is out on pasture 365 days a year, enjoying all the benefits of the insects, seeds, and plants on offer.  We supplement nature’s bounty with locally grown corn and locally sourced scratch and crumbles.  Having happy, healthy birds is very important to us – the result of this is simple: eggs that have a flavor, color, and overall quality that can only be matched by other local, pastured flocks – you simply can’t buy these in the grocery store.

Bread – Andrae’s Bakery, Amador City.   This bakery really sets the standard for Northern California – we’re very proud to be working with them.  Subscribers to the bread share will receive a fresh baked loaf with their box each week.  Sourdough, Sprouted Wheat, Multigrain, and Cracked Rye will rotate through on a four-week basis.  Even if you don’t add on a bread share, drive up to Amador City some morning - you owe it to yourself to check these folks out!​

What is a CSA?

In Community Supported Agriculture, members of the community agree to support a local farm by buying a set amount of produce throughout the season.  This allows the farmers to provide produce to the community at a significantly reduced price.  For $20 a week, you'll get a box full of seasonal fruits and vegetables, with the option to 'add-on' our pastured eggs, local breads, and local cheeses!  To sign up just send us an email:

Put your money where your mouth is!

Join Kingbird’s CSA to receive local, sustainably produced fruits and veggies every week – you can enjoy healthy, gourmet produce and support local agriculture at the same time. 

Members of our CSA recieve a box packed with fresh, seasonal produce from the farm each week – if you’re away for a week, you are free to designate a friend or family member to come take your box.  In each $20 box, we aim to put 1 or 2 varieties of fruit, 4 or 5 veggies, 1 starch/protein (like potatoes or dry beans), and two herbs – at least a $25 value.  The only products that you’ll ever see in our produce box not from our farms will be heirloom beans from our friends at Elegant Bean and walnuts from our friends down the street. 

Produce boxes can be picked up Sundays at Nido Restaurant on 14th & R from 10:30-1:00 and at Kingbird Farms in Galt from 3-7. 

Join our CSA and keep your household eating fresh and healthy all week long – and if you’re hungry for even more great local food, we’ve got you covered...  

Cheese – Our cheese share members will receive a piece of Central Valley artisanal cheese every week with their produce box.  We work with two great producers, whose commitment to their animal’s welfare is as strong as their commitment to culinary quality.  The results speak for themselves, and I think these cheeses can stand shoulder to shoulder with anything coming from Petaluma or the Pyrenees.  Aged cheddar, smoked fresh mozzarella, rustic swiss, feta, chevre, truffle casiago… by committing to a weekly share, you can get this wonderful assortment at a significant discount.