the Qollqa will is enrolling folks today - go to the website & sign up now!

When we indulge by ourselves, we are gluttons; when we indulge in the company of others, we are gourmands.  

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Indulge in meals that go far beyond 'dining out' & enjoy a network of culinary craftsmen, all while supporting the evolution of our foodsystems - it is an attractive proposition!  And it gets better: membership costs less than a latte (or, if your like me, a pint) a month - $4 buys you complete access.  Oh, and $2 of that goes directly into the Local Lunchroom budget - While we do have to cover our costs, the Qollqa's structure allows us to be lean and mean!

More Aboutthe Qollqa

      Our mission is to create a place to enjoy the best of the local culinary scene; to create interactions with producers & artisans that foster their ambitions; and to help create space for healthy, local foods in our region's schools.  

      Membership in Qollqa is open to the public & as accessible as we can make it.

 a Quechua word (just pronounce the 'Q's like 'K's) meaning storehouse, referring to rounded stone structures used to hold food, commodities, and seeds throughout the Andes.  These goods, distributed across hundreds of miles and tens of thousands of Qollqas, provided the people with a diverse diet and helped prevent crop failure and famine.

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Our Farm Dinners this year are better then ever. We've scheduled Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter  Dinners, allowing folks to get out on the farm and savor the flavors throughout the year. Also, we'll be coming out soon with our 'Urban Farm Dinner' schedule, hosted at some of Sac's best eateries.  And all profits go toward the Local Lunchroom program!  

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Dates, Tickets, and More

This season, we are excited to take the dinners in a new direction: a three-pronged local food club called the Qollqa. Under the auspices of the club, we'll still be hosting  amazing dinners at the farm; but also partnering with some great restaurants to bring the experience into the city - Local Eats.  The club will also feature Local Link, a monthly marketplace filling your pantry with our regions best artisanal products.  And all this activity will help financially support our pilot school garden project, Local Lunchroom​!