"I believe more in a beautiful carrot, than a beautiful recipe."

Ok, I stole that line from an Anthony Bourdain show, but it's very applicable here.  Craig, the Chef over at Binchoyaki Izakaya, has been one of our best customer since he and his wife opened up on 10th Street earlier this year - it's great to work with folks that see the potential in even the most humble  vegetable.  He has taken our Bolero Carrots and elevated them to a treat unto themselves - twice cooked and lightly sauced, it's really great to see as much care into cooking these roots as was spent in growing them!

The Bee recently highlighted Bincho ( & our carrots) in a peice for the Appetizer​ column.

Press & Media

The folks at the PBS Food show Original Fare came down last summer and checked out the our Sonora Wheat - it's an heirloom variety that was endemic to these parts a century ago.  We had a lot of fun harvesting, threshing, winnowing, & milling the wheat, turning the flour into dough, and firing off a few flatbreads topped with farm veggies in our wood fired oven.  Beer may have lubricated the process...

We come into the picture around minute 10:00

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